Man Stabbed Below Noodle at Urban Noodle

Oof! Photo: Dinner Series via Flickr

If fatal beatings, wayward assault rifle fire, and targeted shootings in and around our local eateries haven’t entirely convinced you to just cook at home this week, surely nothing stands between you and your favorite dishes. The latest life-threatening dining disaster comes from Downtown, where yesterday a man was stabbed in his neck inside of the bathroom at Fourth Street’s Urban Noodle.

The victim had reportedly been chased for several blocks, possibly by a group of people, before seeking safety inside of the restaurant. Following the incident, police nabbed a seventeen-year-old suspect while trying to ditch the red earmuffs that had been used to identify him. A second suspect seen following the man into Urban Noodle before the maiming is still being sought, while the victim himself is listed in critical condition. [LADTN; California]