Employee Found Beaten to Death at Guido’s in Malibu

Murder in Malibu
Murder in Malibu Photo: Tex Texin via Flickr

UPDATE: The deceased man turned out to have died from a respiratory infection, not at the hands of another. A kitchen worker at Guido’s in Malibu was found murdered last night in the restaurant’s parking lot after taking a load of garbage out of the eatery into its rear area. The restaurant’s manager, Tony Waldrop, tells the L.A. Times, “He was taking out the trash and never came back.”

While a previous report in the Times claimed the unidentified man, an employee of the restaurant for roughly a year, was shot, subsequent details reveal the man had been confronted and attacked by multiple people and was beaten to death. Reportedly, the man fled from the attack and made it to restaurant’s front, where he was discovered dead on the scene at around 8:30 P.M. Sunday. [KABC]