Ludo and Bourdain Take Burgundy!

Back in the Motherland
Back in the Motherland Photo: Ludo Lefebvre

Lock up your daughters wine cellars, as French-Angeleno chef Ludo Lefebvre and French-American-Gothamite Anthony Bourdain have just hit France together to shoot an episode of No Reservations. Referencing the high-larious Steve Coogan road movie The Trip, this morning Tony tweets, “Just landed in France for ‘Tony and Ludo In Burgundy’ episode. See “The Trip”. Roger Moore jokes to follow.” We’re not sure how Lefebvre’s Liam Neeson impression is shaping up, but the chef is apparently going to serve as Bourdain’s guide and interpreter through the Motherland. This inevitably leads to the big question of who at The Travel Channel will be working harder when it comes time for post-production: the dude who writes the subtitles or the censor who covers up every last uttered “fuck.” Guess we’ll find out once the episode airs.