L.A. Classics Play Big Roles in Mad Men

Casey's played P.J. Clarke's
Casey's played P.J. Clarke's Photo: Casey's Irish Pub/213 Nightlife

Yeah, nice try Mad Men! Curbed just sussed out all the L.A.-based restaurants where the show has been shot to recreate the look of vintage Manhattan, a nice round-up of some of our city’s finest old school eateries and bars, or at least those that look like they might have come from the triple martini lunch era. Over the show’s previous four seasons, P.J. Clarke’s has been played by Downtown’s Casey’s Irish Pub, Cole’s played a critical part in a flashback scene, and Koreatown got a close-up with a scene that was shot at cherished dive HMS Bounty. Read on to see what other local faves scored walk-on roles in the show . [Curbed]