L.A. Quaffers Finally Get Priorities Straight

Eagle Rock Brewing
Eagle Rock Brewing Photo: Channone via Flickr

“Los Angeles is in the middle of an evolution that isn’t marked by an extension of the extreme, but rather a shift in the mean. Simply stated, we Angelenos have access to, and are drinking, better beer. It wasn’t always like that. When I moved back home to Los Angeles from the Bay Area in 2000, I immediately realized that one of the aspects I had taken for granted up north was the entrenched beer culture. San Francisco had no special pipeline to good beer; its residents simply prioritized the stuff — in much the way that shoppers at farmers market prioritize good vegetables. San Francisco had this kind of relationship to its beer in 2000; L.A. did not.” — Jason Bernstein, owner of L.A. burger and beer hotspot The Golden State. [LAW]