Local’s Project Ivanhoe Adding to Silver Lake’s Enhanced Dining Landscape

Silver Lake's dining landscape is changing
Silver Lake's dining landscape is changing Photo: Cuttlefish via Flickr

Pop-up mania continues! Okay, maybe it’s a little more like pop-up tolerance at this point, but still, a new suppertime residency called “Project Mayhem Ivanhoe” with a chef from Lazy Ox at Local sounds promising enough. The L.A. Times reports that (current? former?) Ox-er Kevin Lee is endowing Jason Michaud’s place with a new small plates approach that includes influences from Lee’s native Korea and a whole ‘lotta pork (we have a feeling the city won’t move beyond its obsession with the other white meat as long as all those chefs are carrying pig tats). What’s being served?

Writer Jessica Gelt recommends the lengua with creme fresh salsa verde and hash browns, along with pigs’ ears, seaweed noodles, and lemon quinoa with egg. Jason Michaud tells the paper that Lee “has [the old dinner menu] completely swapped out and has reorganized the ordering inside.” The new menu is part of a recent bolstering of Silver Lake’s dining destinations, as recently reinforced by restaurants like Black Hogg, L&E; Oyster Bar, Ari Taymor’s Alma, and a Ben Bailly-toting Cliff’s Edge that Michaud hopes to add to when he brings Red Hill to neighboring Echo Park in the weeks to come.

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