Perfecto Perfecting Paella at Lazy Ox This Week

Rocher's paella with rabbit, chicken, artichoke, and lima beans, served last night at Lazy Ox
Rocher's paella with rabbit, chicken, artichoke, and lima beans, served last night at Lazy Ox Photo: Lazy Ox

Here’s good news for anyone struggling to come down from yesterday’s hard-raging national paella day: Lazy Ox Canteen chef Perfecto Rocher, a native of Valencia who learned his way around paella from his grandma, is turning the occasion into a week-long celebration of the Spanish regional dish by offering a different paella variation every day this week at the Little Tokyo restaurant. The different recipes focus on hearty presentations like rabbit with escargot on Sunday and Saturday’s irresistible serving of an Iberian pig paella. The dishes will be big enough for two and will be riddled with locally-procured vegetable matter, reaching an apex on Thursday when the chef makes a Californian-style vegetarian paella with ‘shrooms, Swiss chard, lima beans, and artichokes. What else?

Friday night will find the chef making Valencia’s signature pasta, fiedo, with Santa Barbara spot prawns and squid ink, while each night the menu will feature Spanish wines to pair with the plates. Either way, you have five more days to get your paella fix in Downtown. See the full line-up below to schedule whether it will be rabbit and escargot paella or farmers market paella this week and make reservations at 213-626-5299.

Paella Week Schedule at Lazy Ox:

Tuesday 3/27: Traditional Valencian style paella w/rabbit, free range chicken, artichoke, & Lima bean $28

Wednesday 3/28: Catalunya paella w/chicken, swiss chard, artichoke $26

Thursday 3/29: Californian Vegetarian paella w/artichoke, mushroom, Swiss chard, Lima bean $26

Friday 3/30: Valencian “Fideua” (egg noodle pasta) w/squid ink & Santa Barbara prawn $34

Saturday 3/31: Iberico Pork paella w/local vegetables $38

Sunday 4/1: Country style Paella w/rabbit, escargot, chicken, artichoke and Lima bean $30