Gold Offers 60 Korean Dishes Every Angeleno Should Know; Burum Finds Nirvana at Himalayan Cafe

Choose your own KTown adventure...
Choose your own KTown adventure... Photo: Protocol7 via Flickr

Jonathan Gold drops a whopper of a swan song for L.A. Weekly’s restaurant issue, detailing “60 Korean Dishes Every Angeleno Should Know.” Hopefully, there won’t be a test later, as Gold rattles off “splashy, trashy” bingsu and wriggly, vivisected san nak ji into a mix of kimchi pancakes, bossam, goat-fried rice, silkworm soup, dog soup (made with lamb, that is), and duck bulgogi. He leaves out that sea cucumber skeet we like to throw back, but kicks the whole thing off all with a helpful breakdown that explains how one can expect to eat and be served in KTown restaurants. A master class for tackling one of Los Angeles’ greatest, densest dining districts. [LAW]

S. Irene Virbila offers five restaurants that offer daily specials, from Wilshire’s $16 white-plate dinner to BLD’s $15 dish of the night. Veal shank Friday at Angelini Osteria anybody? We’re in. [LAT]

Lest you thought Tara’s was the only place to get your momo on, Linda Burum introduces us to Himalayan Cafe in Old Pasadena. We learn what makes every dish different from their similarly named Indian counterparts, from cooked-to-order curries and “nicely juicy” tandoori meats to the chef’s own invention, burrito-like “Himalayan rolls.” Even the okra kills it. [LAT]