Jessica Simpson Wanted to Name Her Baby Zinfandel; That Ground Beef You Bought Probably Contains Pink Slime

• Among the baby names that Jessica Simpson and fiancé Eric Johnson had considered was Zinfandel. Because the kid wouldn’t grow up to be a raging alcoholic or anything. [In Touch]

• Don’t kid yourself: Chances are grocery-store ground beef contains some pink slime. Will this news finally squelch the burger trend? [Salt/NPR]

• For Jerry Lewis’s 86th birthday this past Friday, a group of French fans commissioned Daniel Boulud to create a one-meter-long jambon-beurre sandwich, which was delivered to the comedian at the Hotel Plaza Athenee. [Page Six/NYP]

• First the Post tells us the FiDi dining scene is dismal, now they’re presenting a roundup of where to eat in Battery Park City. Make up your minds, people. [NYP]

• Turns out millions of urinary-tract infections in the U.S. might be caused by bacteria found in chicken — and they’re increasingly drug-resistant. [Atlantic]

• Both McDonald’s and the French supermarket chain Carrefour have been accused of selling expired food in Beijing. [CBS News]

• Sorry, everyone, scientists are just as mystified as you about that strange metallic taste you sometimes get when eating pine nuts. [Salt/NPR]