Jean-Georges’s Lobster-Shack Ship Is Literally Tanking

Currently being de-watered.
Currently being de-watered. Photo: EMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP/Getty Images, Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Remember how we told you that Jean-Georges was cooking up a massive lobster shack with newspaper tablecloths and hammers on the old Staten Island Ferry? Well, despite all of JG’s passion, his plans are sinking. That is to say, the 300-foot-long decommissioned boat became submerged with water last week, with half of the vessel falling so deep that, according to the Times, it is currently “partly resting on the bottom of the Hudson River at Newburgh, N.Y.” The ship is apparently salvageable, though Jean-George’s optimism may not be. After all, his food may be subtle but it’s hardly watered-down. [NYT]