Gordon Ramsay Teaming With Andi Van Willigan on The Fat Cow, Bound for The Grove This Summer

Hollywood Gordo wears glasses
Hollywood Gordo wears glasses Photo: Gordon Ramsay Holdings

Today a press release from Gordon Ramsay’s team verifies last week’s scuttlebutt that Gordo is coming to The Grove with his own gastropub. Unfortunately, this won’t be a partnership with pal and fellow Briton David Beckham, as Andi Van Willigan, the SoCal-raised chef we first spotted when stepping aboard the double-decker World’s Fare gastrobus, has been named Ramsay’s partner at this planned venture.

The two chefs plan to open a family-inspired joint venture called The Fat Cow, to open this summer. So far, the restaurant isn’t letting any dish previews slip out, but the team promises its own rotating roaster, along with European-influenced, farmers market-sourced dishes, meats cured in-house, local cheeses, and homey American desserts that flout a “British pub flare.”

The 200-seat space will be handled by kind of violently-named interior firm, AK Design Network, and a verified violently-named architect, Gold Grenade. Whether or not Ramsay will stand over Van Willigan and call her mean names has not yet been officially detailed. Stay tuned.