Gold Dust Lounge to Toast Willie Brown With Sing-a-Long

The Gold Dust Lounge, on a typical Friday.
The Gold Dust Lounge, on a typical Friday. Photo: Brian Smeets/Grub Street

Acknowledging that the power of former mayor Willie Brown is likely the ticket they needed to saving their bar from eviction, the Gold Dust Lounge is hosting a sing-a-long Friday night to thank him, and to rally support for their cause. They’ve got just over a week to get the Board of Supervisors or someone to take some action to stave off their March 10 eviction by Handlery Hotels, and it was Willie who wrote the strongly worded letter suggesting that Handlery had better watch what they’re doing here, lest they never be able to put up an awning again in this town without a fight. There’s also a week left to get an injunction from a San Francisco judge via the lawsuit filed last week by Gold Dust owners Tasios and Jimmy Bovis. What will they be singing? Why, an original anthem by Catherine Hill which includes the semi-rhyming line, “I’m not just a bar, I’ve become a home, so get your local supervisor on the phone.” [Examiner, Earlier slideshow]