George Clooney Launching Tequila Brand; Cats Love Greek Yogurt

• George Clooney is the latest celeb to launch a liquor brand, a tequila called Casamigos. Is there anything that man can’t do? [NYDN]

• Fixing food deserts turns out to be more complicated than “if you build [a grocery store], they will come.” [Salt/NPR]

• Strong smells naturally make us take smaller bites, which could help with weight loss. And if it’s a gross smell, you probably won’t eat any of it! [Scientific American]

• Studies show food poisoning can have long-term consequences, including arthritis and kidney issues. Yikes. [Daily Mail UK]

• According to Food Republic, cats just loooove Greek yogurt. Who knew. [Food Republic]

• Sons of Essex’s latest antics? Posting racy flyers around the LES advertising the restaurant’s, er, burgers. [Bowery Boogie]