Could Food Trucks Succeed in Medford?


Brookline and Boston see plenty of food-truck foot traffic; Medford, less so. Still, the city just might joining the food-truck fray … and, shockingly, not everyone is happy about it.

Some worry that Medford businesses will be hurt by the trucks; other pragmatists note that right now the city only has “peddlers licenses,” which means that trucks would have to move around every five minutes, adding an element of adventure and surprise to truckside dining.

Meanwhile, the Medford Farmers Market board of directors continues to push for food trucks and dismisses worries that they’d infringe upon local businesses; others are looking to cities like Somerville as a model. They offer peddlers’ licenses that allow food trucks to stay in one place for longer periods of time, so long as they don’t set up shop in business districts like Davis Square.

What food trucks would you like to see in Medford?

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Could Food Trucks Succeed in Medford?