Farmers’ Cabinet Project at Sixth and Spring Garden Is Dead

No tiki for you!
No tiki for you! Photo: Married... with dinner

There’s still more fallout coming in from the Blue Bear Tavern’s closing. The latest? Matt and Colleen Swartz and Matt Scheller from Farmers’ Cabinet are moving in with an ambiguous “Southern concept.” The Insider confirms it. But that’s not all. Turns out that the Cabinet crew’s big plans for an 85-tap beer hall, in-house distillery and tiki bar at Sixth and Spring Garden streets are dead. In hindsight, that all sounded too good to be true. And in the end, we suppose, it was. So once again, Philadelphia will enter the spring and summer drinking seasons without a proper tiki fix. How is it that Stephen Starr hasn’t already solved this problem for us anyway?

The change over from Blue Bear appears to be moving along quickly, too. Foobooz reports that a delivery truck was spotted dropping off “good beer” at the bar earlier today.

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