Eric Garcetti Shares His Classic Taste in Tacos

A vote for Garcetti is a vote for tacos
A vote for Garcetti is a vote for tacosPhoto: Eric Garcetti

If you follow local politics, you surely know Hollywood city councilman representative, mayoral candidate, and senior-power-walking champion Eric Garcetti. Today, he shares his favorite tacos with L.A., and rallies around some stalwart favorites in District Trece and beyond, sounding like a guy who really chows down in Taco Town. El Garco’s favorite is the James Beard-flexing cochinita pibil at Yuca’s, followed by the time-tested battered shrimp taco at Baja Ensenada, and chorizo from Echo P’s Tacos Arizas. Hopefully, this final choice means the man would fight for our endangered right to eat at loncheras. [LA Taco]