More Details on the Butterfly: Cocktails on Draft, Updated Brandy Old Fashioneds

The hard shake, in action.
The hard shake, in action. Photo: Abbe Benson

Diner’s Journal caught up with Eben Freeman, the man who will be heading up Michael White’s forthcoming Butterfly, and got him to reveal a few more plans for the Tribeca cocktail bar. First up, he eventually wants to offer all of the drinks he’s ever made anywhere. That includes plans to serve the Waylon — the bourbon and smoked-Coke drink he made famous at Tailor — on draft. He’s also collaborating with Wisconsin’s Lakefront Brewery on a “Fernet Stout.” He tells DJ, “I thought of making an amaro stout, a licorice stout … Then I thought, Fernet being such a huge thing among mixologists, it would be stupid to call it amaro stout. I should just call it Fernet stout.” And Badget State transplants will be happy to know that Freeman is planning some version of the Brandy Old Fashioned that should fit in nicely with the place’s Wisconsin “supper club feel.” [Diner’s Journa/NYT, Earlier]