Robicelli’s Cookbook Will Not Be Just Any Old Cupcake Instruction Manual

The cookbook drops fall 2013.
The cookbook drops fall 2013. Photo: Eric Isaac

Robicelli’s, those purveyors of sometimes refined, sometimes kooky miniature cakes in flavors like chicken ‘n’ waffle or pecan French toast just signed a cookbook deal this week. But don’t worry, “It’s not going to just be a cupcake cookbook … nobody really needs that,” said Allison Robicelli, who’s authoring the work with her husband, Matt. The book will instead focus on breaking down techniques and teaching the building blocks of pastry, including making ganache, caramel, or hard candies. Robicelli wants readers to learn to mix and match their own cupcakes, or just “make candied bacon to eat by the fistful.”

The hardcover book, which should be released by Penguin imprint Viking Studio in fall 2013, will definitely NOT have a pink cover like many baking books; instead it will be geared toward teaching women pastry skills “in a non-condescending way,” Robicelli says, “[…]showing that cupcakes can actually be real science.” The 250-pager will have a zany side, too, with a comic-book portion, essays, and, Robicelli tells us, “possibly a lot of four-letter words.” F–k yeah!