New Sushi Chains Getting Cheaper, More Compliant

The results at How Do You Roll?
The results at How Do You Roll? Photo: Kelly Cree via Flickr

Call them the anti-Nozawas. A new breed of sushi shop is opening up in droves these days and allowing customers to choose every ingredient that graces their rolls and rice through an assembly line approach that also allows take-out orders. These customizable, lower-cost spins include U-Sushi in Beverly Hills, where the owner curiously promises his customers that no uni will slip into their tailored orders, and How Do You Roll?, newly opened to Marina del Rey and descended from a sushi chain in, gasp, Texas. Soon, a San Diego sushi restaurant named SushiFreak will bring its act to L.A. too, for any sushi addicts who wish to be “pump[ed] through” the assembly line. Anyone? [LAT]