Cuba Libre Drops an Empanada Bummer

The all too elusive emanada in its natural habitat.
The all too elusive emanada in its natural habitat. Photo: Cube Libre

It’s looking like we’re going to have to continue being a city with an empanada deficiency. Cuba Libre owner Barry Gutin just sent word that plans for Empanada Alley, the bodega-like pop-up that chef he and Guillermo Pernot were going to set up in April behind the Old City restaurant, are being scrapped. He’s pulling the plug because of neighbors’ concerns that a late night munchie hang will bring throngs of loud drunks to Strawberry Street after hours. Who knew that anyone still lived in Old City? We just assumed that after the bars closed and the subsequent fighting that ensues ended, all the people went back to New Jersey.

Even with the self-imposed kibosh, Gutin said that he and Pernot will continue to support the Children of Restaurant Employees charity, and will set up Empanada Alley as mobile stand operation at events like Night Market. Keep tabs on the @EmpAlley handle for further update.

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