Cosentino Drops His ‘Brainaise’ on Downtown L.A.

Brainaise covered fries at Pigg
Brainaise covered fries at Pigg Photo: Darin Dines

San Francisco’s Incanto chef, Chris Cosentino, just brought his offal act to Downtown L.A. with the opening off Pigg, the chef’s new temple of pork inside of Umami Burger’s just-debuted Umamicatessen. The chef is already making an impression with his french fry and pig ear topping, “brainaise,” an aioli with blended pig brains that stands as the beau ideal of the chef’s gutsy style. Last time we saw the dish make an appearance, Consentino was teaming up with Andrew Zimmern at the pair’s short-lived Gut Truck in NorCal, using the cerebral sauce to top one of his “meat cones.” [Darin Dines]