Get Your Comedy Protein at Pig: A Restaurant, Coming This Friday to ImprovBoston

Well-done. Photo: Sarah Gainer

Former Boston Grub editor Leila Cohan-Miccio left the site to pursue a career in comedy. We’re happy to report that her comedic dreams have come to fruition in the form of Pig: A Restaurant, which will be staged at ImprovBoston as part of the Women in Comedy festival this Friday at 7 p.m. The show follows seven characters at the opening party for Boston’s newest meat-obsessed restaurant.

Each part is played by the versatile Lauren Conlin Adams. If this sounds difficult, bear in mind that she’s worked front-of-house at New York’s Balthazar and DB Bistro Moderne, so she’s probably used to tough audiences.

And, yes, the show is inspired by Cohan-Miccio’s tenure here at Grub Street. Prepare for mockeries of celebrity chef culture, ultra-locavorism, and the South South South South South End, also known as SoSoSoWa. Sadly, the show will not be catered by the Salty Pig.

Get your $12 tickets right here. And hopefully, if Cohan-Miccio’s career is any indication, someday we’ll go on to produce a Broadway musical about ramen.