In Other News, College Students Sometimes Use Fake IDs


Today Herald columnist Margery Eagan shines a disturbing light on the kind of revelry going on at our city’s institutions of higher education, particularly Boston University. Upsettingly, many BU students drink too much alcohol. Sometimes they even do so behind closed, locked doors. Eagan reveals all this and more in her piece, titled “Youths Will Drink Despite All Our Bans,” a response to recent hazing woes at the school.

Students interviewed at BU, Eagan notes, say campus bans on underage drinking do nothing in a college atmosphere. “Instead, they only encourage sneaky, clandestine and even dangerous binge drinking as students chug as much as they can, as fast as they can, to get blotto before heading to some campus party where alcohol isn’t allowed.” Also: “They’re throwing back tequila shots in locked Commonwealth Avenue dorm rooms, then stumbling outdoors at all hours to party some more.” It’s a regular episode of Jersey Shore over there!

Eagan suggests that the solution is to lower the drinking age to 18, so students “could go out on Saturday night and drink publicly, socially, and—eventually—responsibly.” The key word being eventually. Like, when they graduate and actually have to wake up before noon.

Youths Will Drink Despite All Our Bans [Herald]