Clover Will Open at the Hynes T Stop

Newbury Street, here we come.
Newbury Street, here we come.

The geniuses behind Clover Food Lab, which started as a truck and has grown into a mini-empire, will open a food trolley near the Hynes Convention Center. Downtown dwellers, chickpea fritters will soon be yours!

Universal Hub says that Clover’s trolley will occupy space owned by the MBTA at the corner of Mass and Newbury, right around the corner from the Hynes T stop, which makes the fact that we can’t eat or drink on the T even sadder. On the bright side, a tasty veggie treat from Clover could be just the thing to revive us when we emerge from the Green Line after an hour-long delay. Clover will pay $1k monthly for the space, and it has rights to the spot for one year. Stay tuned for an opening date.

Newbury Street to Get a Food Trolley [UH]
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