Chez Melange Serving ‘Breakfast for Dinner’ Tonight

Chicken and waffles sans cayenne syrup
Chicken and waffles sans cayenne syrup Photo: Arnold/Inuyaki via Flickr

Redondo Beach’s Chez Melange has a guest chef in its kitchen tonight named Blake Mellgren. We haven’t heard of this surprise visitor ourselves (**Update below), but already approve of his five-course, $35 pre-fixe menu titled “Breakfast at Dinner.” Starting at 5:30 P.M. tonight, Mellgren will help the restaurant flip the script with a Southern-influenced collection of dishes including foie gras blueberry pancakes, a grit cake of Bay shrimp and crawfish hash, fried chicken and bacon waffles with cayenne syrup, bacon biscuits with sunny side eggs and a Tasso andouille gravy, and for dessert, an Elvis sandwich (peanut butter and banana we’re supposing) served a la mode. The dinner goes all night, with reservations for the down-home cheekiness available at 310-540-1222.

**UPDATE: According to Chez Melange owner Michael Franks, Mellgren is the protege to Melange’s Robert Bell and has worked as a line cook here for three years. This is his first solo effort.