Cesare Casella’s Wife Advocates Tasting Without Eating

So <em>The Manhattan Diet</em> means none of Salumeria Rosi's beautiful charcuterie?
So The Manhattan Diet means none of Salumeria Rosi's beautiful charcuterie? Photo: Melissa Hom

Being a woman in Manhattan is no fun, at least according to Salumeria Rosi chef Cesare Casella’s wife, Eileen Daspin. Not only is dating a statistical nightmare for chicks, but if you are a with-it gal and follow the “Manhattan Diet,” (as outlined in Daspin’s new book by the same name, out March 27), you’ll do things like pour water over leftovers, eat risotto with a teaspoon and salad with chopsticks, dilute your booze, and “taste everything but eat almost nothing,” like Daspin does. (We guess that rules out Salumeria’s beautiful charcuterie — che tristezza!) Should you decide you need to eat something, there’s always fennel, pickled ginger, yogurt, and Lean Cuisine frozen pizza. Sounds more like the “sad cat-lady-in-the-making” diet to us; even the swimsuit models we can think of eat better than that.

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