Daniel Boulud Teaming Up With Vodka Company That Specializes in Offensive Ads

Not so funny.
Not so funny. Photo: Wodka Vodka

Wodka Vodka, the imported Polish spirit that is perhaps best known for its bizarrely offensive billboard advertising campaigns, has apparently been selected as the house vodka at the restaurants comprising Daniel Boulud’s Dinex Restaurant Group. Boulud’s restaurants are, of course, classy joints, so the union is strange. Just last month, Wodka installed a billboard in the notorious prostitution-plagued Hunts Point neighborhood featuring a photo of a sombrero-donning sheep with a variation on the company’s slogan, “Escort Quality, Hooker Pricing.” And who could forget Wodka Vodka’s fantastically tasteless, “Christmas Quality, Hannukah Pricing” campaign from last fall? Perhaps the Boulud/Wodka deal means the company is now headed in a new direction. If so, cheers to that. [Reuters, Earlier]