What Do Roscoe’s and Bouchon Suddenly Have in Common?

Bouchon's Fried Chicken and Waffles
Bouchon's Fried Chicken and Waffles Photo: Bouchon

Well first off, we know Ludacris is a big fan of both places, though probably for totally different reasons. Still, Thomas Keller’s Beverly Hills outpost is biting the Southern dish made locally (and Presidentially) famous by the Pico wafflehouse on Easter Sunday, when Bouchon promises to offer its own take on fried chicken and waffles.

Of course, this being Bouchon, the bird and breakfast mix won’t be served in Styrofoam and will twist a little gourmet love up into its recipe.

Chef Rory Herrmann’s version finds buttermilk fried chicken served atop bacon and chive waffles with cheddar grits, a drizzle of Vermont maple syrup, Tahitian vanilla bean butter, and umami-rich chasseur. And just in case you somehow forget you’re in an upscale Parisian-style bistro and not a packed Pico cheap eats Mecca, Bouchon’s $36 asking price for the dish should snap you back into reality.

The chicken and waffles will only be available on Easter for brunch and dinner and also to-go. Reservations can be obtained at 310-271-9910.

What Do Roscoe’s and Bouchon Suddenly Have in Common?