Bobby Brown Booked for DUI; Alicia Silverstone Chews Food for Baby

• Bobby Brown was booked for DUI last night while driving in Tarzana and chatting on his cell phone. [Cincinnati]

• McDonald’s is in hot water again over its ultra-hot coffee: two lawsuits have been filed by its coffee customers/burn victims. [HuffPo]

• Alicia Silverstone’s child is named Bear Blu, and the actress says she feeds him pre-chewed food directly from her mouth, just like a little bear. Would we expect any less from the woman who wanted to teach us how to poo? [Fox News]

• Chef Josie LeBalch really spoils her chickens, aka her “girls.” [LAT]

• French women might be onto something: A new study finds a link between chocolate eating and thinness. [WSJ]

• Also super healthy: popcorn (hold the melted butter). So, basically, we should all eat more movie food? [NYDN]

• Children may be harvesting your food — we’re talking right here in the U.S. It’s tricky, though, because the underage workers are just trying to help their families. [Atlantic]