Le Bilboquet Lives On

French fare stays put on the UES.
French fare stays put on the UES.

Last time we checked in on the Upper East Side’s Le Bilboquet, the 63rd Street space was set to close, about to be taken over by the Roberto Cavalli store. But the 37-seat restaurant has been given an extension until the end of the year.

“They started pushing us out; we are little guys but we don’t like to be pushed,” says manager William Leroux. “A lot of time and money was being spent with lawyers, so we came to an understanding. Hopefully, this will give us time for a transition.”

According to owner Philippe Delgrange, there are three spots — within the area of 61st to 65th Streets, between Park and Fifth Avenues — that are under consideration for the restaurant’s new home. Lexroux says of the real estate search, “Without sounding snobbish, we can’t cross Park Avenue.”

The new Bilboquet will be a bit larger, but still intimate. “For the sake of the brand, we need to evoke a few characteristics like staying somewhat small,” Leroux says. “We want to develop, but not go the Vegas route.” Maybe not Vegas, but Delgrange says he has signed leases for Bilboquets in Rio and Sao Paolo.

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