Bigfoot Lounge Starts Booze-Fueled Pinewood Derby

"We gonna win this race..."
"We gonna win this race..." Photo: Bigfoot Lounge

Finally, a way to drink and drive without killing anything but brain cells! The Los Feliz location of Bigfoot Lounge is reserving every last Tuesday of each month for its Knotty Pinewood Derby, a nine o’clock race that circumnavigates tracks encircling the entire bar. Bigfoot will offer five-dollar shots of Jameson to grease your engines and, just in case you lack the skills to get your motor running, Bigfoot offers five-dollar race kits to help you pimp your own ride. The rest of you can always crow that while you don’t personally have a car in the race, you do know some of the owners. The first in the monthly series begins March 27 at 3172 Los Feliz Blvd. Los Feliz.