Aziz Ansari Thoughtfully Includes List of Restaurant Recs With His New Stand-Up Special

Ansari, back before he wore suits all the time.
Ansari, back before he wore suits all the time. Photo: Melissa Hom

Today, comedian/actor/noted food lover/David Chang pal/overall famous person Aziz Ansari released a download-only standup special on his site. It’s only $5 and is probably worth your money. No, not because it’s good (we’re sure it is, but, you know, we’ve been at work all day and haven’t watched it), but because if you download it, you’ll also get access to a bunch of extra content, including a whole list of Aziz-approved restaurants. Good picks, too. ABC Kitchen and Torrisi in New York; Joe Beef and Wilkensky’s in Montreal; Hot Doug’s in Chicago; Jitlada in L.A.; et cetera. And just this once, we’ll look past the fact that Ansari calls sandwiches sammys, but only because he includes Zingerman’s on the list. [Aziz Ansari]