A Drink for Firebelle Lil; Alicia Silverstone Chews Her Kid’s Food For Him

• In honor of National Women’s Month, Presidio Social Club bartender Pipi Ray Diamond created a cocktail in honor of famed San Francisco socialite and mascot of the Fire Department, Firebelle Lil, a.k.a. Lily Hitchcock. Money from her will was responsible for the building of Coit Tower. [Drink of the Week]

• Learn how to cook an egg from Thomas Keller (poached) and Jean-Georges Vongerichten (scrambled). [BA Daily, BA Daily again]

• A precocious 12-year-old named David Pines just published his own dining guide to New York City. Any foodie kids want to take up the call in S.F.? [Village Voice]

• Alicia Silverstone’s little one is named Bear Blu, and the actress says she feeds him pre-chewed food directly from her mouth, just like a little bear. Would we expect any less from the woman who wanted to teach us how to poo? [Fox News]

• French women might be onto something: A new study finds a link between chocolate eating and thinness. [WSJ]

• McDonald’s is in hot water again over its ultra-hot coffee: two lawsuits have been filed by coffee customers burn victims. [HuffPo]

• Also super healthy: popcorn (hold the melted butter). So, basically, we should all eat more movie food? [NYDN]

• Children may be harvesting your food — we’re talking right here in the U.S. It’s tricky, though, because the underage workers are just trying to help their families. [Atlantic]