Funke, Nathan, Citrin, and Lunetta Unite for Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra Benefit Dinner

Zoe Nathan and Evan Funke
Zoe Nathan and Evan Funke Photo: Restaurant Solutions

Hey brother, can you spare a dime for dinner? How about 7,500 dimes to eat an eight-course meal with four passed apps and wine pairings, with kitchen duties divided evenly between Zoe Nathan, Evan Funke, Josiah Citrin, and his homie, Raphael Lunetta? Brad Metzger, the Restaurant Solutions operator whose state-of-the-art test kitchen was exposed in all its glory by The L.A. Times, is holding a benefit dinner for a table of only diners on Sunday March 18th, featuring a menu by the four chefs for a whopping $750, $650 of which is tax-deductible as it’s a benefit for Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra, the non-profit his son has been involved in for years. Metzger tells us about eight or nine seats are left for the benefit dinner and can be purchased at 310-581-0103.