For the Sake of Yonah Schimmel, Let’s Make Knishes the New Cupcake

Why yes, that is Jerry Stiller ordering himself some knishes. Photo: Sidewalks of New York

Yonah Schimmel Knishery has weathered many changes in its 101-year life span — the gentrification of the nineties, the carb-phobia of aughts — yet the massive renovation of East Houston Street is really squeezing the knishery, writes the Lo-Down. You see, up until construction made it impossible, far-flung Yonah customers would drop by from Brooklyn, the Bronx, or uptown and park illegally for a few moments in front of the knishery while picking up large orders.

Yet now co-owner Ellen Anistratov is saying no place to stop means she's losing some customers, and she can't afford to pay employees. Since Yonah relies on these high-volume sales, here's a thought: Let's declare knishes the new cupcake and have everyone order them for birthdays and office parties. We know Jerry Stiller and Woody Allen would approve.

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