Why Astronauts Crave Hot Sauce; Taste-Testing Ben & Jerry’s Greek Frozen Yogurt

• Here’s a fascinating article about what astronauts crave in space. They lose their sense of smell and get stuffy heads from fluid retention, so hot sauce is a big one. [NPR]

• Ben & Jerry’s has introduced a line of Greek frozen yogurt, and HuffPo has a taste-test verdict: tangy. [HuffPo]

• Taco Bell has a new slogan: “Live Más.” No talking animals have yet signed on to promote it, but we’re crossing our fingers. [NRN]

• Scoop one out for Anopoli Ice Cream Parlor & Family Restaurant in Bay Ridge, which is celebrating 115 years of business. [NYDN]

• With Pepsi Next, the company is trying again where Coke failed with C2 — to entice consumers with a can that has half the calories of regular soda. [USAT]