Watch U-Sushi’s ‘Robot Automation’ Maki Get Made

All slices precisely alike.
All slices precisely alike.

The hard-core, punk-rock, old-school sushi chefs around town like Ino-san at Ino in Japantown and Tetsuo Kashiyama at Hama-ko in Cole Valley would undoubtedly scoff at the fast-food maki sacrilege happening at newly open U-Sushi (525 Market at 1st). But the downtown lunch crowd is likely to appreciate the efficiency (there’s even a slicing machine!), and the Chipotle-style customization available (see also Sushirrito and Bamboo Asia).

U-Sushi comes to us via the Ozumo team, and via Southern California, so, obviously, they have a fancy marketing video with a peppy Japanese-pop soundtrack. Watch and learn.

U-Sushi - 525 Market at 1st Street - 415.543.7655 - Open Monday through Friday, 10:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.