Koi Will Replace Quattro Gastronomia Italiana at Trump Soho Hotel

The old Quattro Gastronomia Italiana.
The old Quattro Gastronomia Italiana. Photo: Hannah Whitaker

Good news, lovers of velvet ropes and orderers of $1,000 sushi rolls: The city will soon have another Koi restaurant, according to USA Today’s Hotel Check-In blog. The flashy pan-Asian restaurant will replace what remains of Quattro Gastronomia Italiana on the ground floor of the Trump Soho Hotel. Construction has not yet begun, the blog reports, but the new Koi should nevertheless be open by summer.

Quattro Gastronomia Italiana, you may remember, was a clone of its Miami flagship, and opened two years ago in the hotel. A call confirms that the restaurant lost its Piedmontese flair on January 1, and changed its name (in typical Trump-ese) to The Restaurant, though the menu hasn’t changed.

So does all this mean we can expect to see a Koi challenge of some sort on the next season of Celebrity Apprentice?

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