Video: See Jared Van Camp Make The First Pizza At Nellcôte

Photo: Sky Full of Bacon

You saw our video Tuesday about Jared Van Camp’s backwoods-meets-Naples flour mill, which makes Nellcôte the only restaurant anyone knows of in the country grinding its own flour in-house. Now watch as he shows us what that flour is ground for: pasta and pizza. In today’s video, he first makes radiatore, a pasta called that because it, well, looks like a radiator. Then the attention turns to pizza. The first pizza dough using his in-house ground flour was made Monday of last week, but because it has a 48-hour ferment, it wasn’t ready for pizza until we arrived to shoot two days later. We’re sure he’d rather have shown us one after plenty of practice, but this is how chefs really work, refining a dish through trial and error over time. Watch our six-minute video below.

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