Precocious British 3-Year-Old Makes Grocery Store Bow Down

Rising to the occasion.
Rising to the occasion.

Most children behave poorly at grocery stores, begging parents for cookies and candy. But not young Lily Robinson. The British 3-year-old visited Sainsbury’s supermarket and started a Facebook campaign (with the help of her mother) to rebrand the store’s Tiger bread, going on to win the affection of a country and one particularly kindhearted young store manager.

She wrote a letter wondering why the store’s splotchy loaves were called “Tiger” bread instead of a much more apt name: “Giraffe” bread. (It was sweetly signed “Love from Lily Robinson, 3 1/2,” so clearly the girl knows how to persuade.) Her mom then launched the plea on Facebook.

The grocery chain stuck its, uh, neck out and honored little Lily’s wish. Just like that, Sainsbury’s Tiger bread has been rebranded as Giraffe bread. Further proving that corporate types aren’t all crusty, customer manager Chris King penned a warm letter to the tot (“The first baker who made it a looong time ago thought it looked stripey like a tiger. Maybe they were a bit silly!”) and even enclosed spending money for the tyke to buy bread of her own before signing off with his name and age. (Ladies note: King has his own Facebook fan page, and he’s 27.)

The feel-good tale has gone viral, and we imagine that it’s just a matter of time before young Lily lands a movie deal like that prepubescent wannabe restaurant critic David Fishman, with Hugh Grant playing Chris King.

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