This Super Bowl Weekend, Todd English Is Archie Manning

He's all about equal love and huddles...allegedly.
He's all about equal love and huddles...allegedly. Photo: PAUL BRUINOOGE

When Grub Street saw Todd English at last night’s Vegas Uncork’d event, presented by Bon Appétit, we had to ask the Bostoner-slash-New Yorker the obvious question, “Who are you rooting for this weekend?” Unsurprisingly, English, who will be at the game, answered very carefully (and like a typical Virgo), saying, “I’m handling it as if I were Archie Manning and both my sons were on different teams.” Yeah, yeah, it’s so the Patriots. “I’ve spent so much time in Boston that I love and support the team. Bill Belichick is a good customer of mine in Boston; but then again, I know Eli and he’s a good customer, too. It’s a tough one!” Okay, it’s still so the Patriots. “You really want to know my team? I love soccer; it’s AC Milan.”