The Old Clam House Rings In 150 Years

1861, y'all.
1861, y'all. Photo: Todd Lappin/Bernalwood

San Francisco’s oldest restaurant operating in the same location, The Old Clam House in the Bayview, is celebrating its sesquicentennial this week, even though it’s actual birthday was back in December. As co-owner Jerry Dal Bozzo (The Stinking Rose) tells NBC, “The year [the restaurant] opened is the year Abraham Lincoln was being inaugurated.” Yeah, wow. Also, back when the place opened, Bayshore Boulevard was actually on the shore of a marshy part of the Bay that was teeming with clams (it’s since been filled in and has become an industrial district).

Dal Bozzo and co. just took the place over in 2011 and revamped the menu while still trying to “maintain the integrity of the place.” Jonathan Kauffman wasn’t exactly impressed, but perhaps you’ll have a better time during the anniversary celebrations. Apparently the iron-skillet mussels are still pretty good.

The City’s Old Clam House Celebrates 150 Years [NBC]
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