Sprinkles Starting Its Own Ice Cream Shop

Could cupcakes become the next cone?
Could cupcakes become the next cone? Photo: Jessica.Tam via Flickr

Sprinkles, once the all-consuming rage for local cupcake cultists, is branching out into the world of frozen dessert. LAist reports that the Beverly Hills-based business will open an adjacent ice cream shop (whimsically being called “Sprinkles Ice Cream“), which the company describes as a “back-to-basics creamery.” The basics part will find your ice cream placed into standard waffle cones or sundaes while, get this, the shop also plans to press your scoops Double Down-style “between fluffy cupcake tops.”

Though Sprinkles Ice Cream will make cookies and brownies too, these guys are clearly not trying to hear all that “cupcakes are out” gossip. The store has even introduced a cupcake ATM machine (in pink) to dispense its sweets and related merchandise after closing. Gee, that would have really killed it in 2002! However, ice cream, as we all know by now, never really goes out of fashion.

Sprinkles Announces 24-Hour-Cupcake Access, Ice Cream Shop [UPDATED] [LAist]