Shia LaBeouf Is an Awesome Tipper; Mayor Bloomberg Turns 70!

He's romantic and generous.
He's romantic and generous. Photo: Koki Nagahama/Getty Images

Valentine’s Day! Mayor Bloomberg’s birthday! Presidents’ Day! With so many wonderful occasions in the month of February, it’s no surprise celebrities took to the town this week. Shia LaBeouf took his lovely girlfriend out to dinner on Valentine’s Day, but the best part wasn’t his burly beard. No, the actor is apparently a wonderful tipper! Plus, Kris Humphries suffered through his first post-super-short-marriage Valentine’s Day (if he can make it, we all can, right?). Also, our mayor turned 70 and celebrated by eating a bunch of salt. All of this, and more celebrity sightings, straight ahead.

A Voce Columbus: Famed actress Goldie Hawn enjoyed a nice, casual dinner on the Upper West Side with a friend last Thursday. [Grub Street]
August: Billy Crudup was having dinner with friends in the West Village, and continues to be that one dude from Eat Pray Love. [Grub Street]
Dos Caminos: Ashlee Simpson had some sangria and guacamole in the meatpacking district with a couple of friends, but not her boyfriend Vincent Piazza. [People]
Estiatorio Milos: Victor Cruz took Elaina Watley — his girlfriend of nine years, mom to his 1-month-old daughter Kennedy, and “the backbone of [his] life” — to a nice, romantic Valentine’s Day dinner. He gifted her a beautiful bracelet that sources speculate could cost anywhere from $2,500 to more than $13,600. [Page Six/NYP]
Jean Georges: In a pairing that is so fitting for Valentine’s Day week, a time our culture spends focusing on the love and relationships in our lives, and forgetting about petty things like sexual orientation, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and his wife had dinner with Donald Trump and his wife on Wednesday night. [Page Six/NYP]
Marble Lane: On Valentine’s Day eve, Joe Jonas, Justin Bieber, Usher, and Minka Kelly, among other celebrities, all were VIPs at Marble Lane. [Grub Street]
Old Homestead Steakhouse: Shia LaBeouf, who’s currently sporting a bushy beard, had dinner with his girlfriend Karolyn Pho in the meatpacking district — and then tipped the waiter $100 on a $200 meal. What a guy! [Page Six/NYP]
Serafina: Kris Humphries dined with his longtime friend Josh Ketroser on the Upper East Side with two girls who seemed like “platonic friends.” But with Humphries, who knows what platonic means? [Page Six/NYP]
Viand: Mayor Bloomberg celebrated his 70th birthday this past week, and for breakfast, he enjoyed burnt toast topped with a generous amount of salt, and apparently this is a regular thing. Do we really need to point out what’s bad about this? Regardless, happy birthday, Mike! [Page Six/NYP]