Shark Fin Is Probably Going to Be Illegal Soon

Waiter, there's no shark fin in my soup!
Waiter, there's no shark fin in my soup! Photo: Panduh/Flickr

A new bill announced yesterday in Albany would effectively make it illegal to sell (or serve) shark fin in New York, reports the Times. Broth made from the gelatinous fins is said to have a subtle flavor; in traditional Chinese culture, servings of shark-fin soup frequently mark auspicious and celebratory moments. Grace Meng, who represents Flushing (and is also the only Asian-American in the Assembly), is one of three representatives to sponsor the bill, announcing at a news conference that she once “loved shark fin soup,” but, unfortunately, it’s killing the sharks and mucking the oceans. Four states already have enacted legislation banning the sale of shark fins, while a similar bill was introduced in Chicago earlier this month. No matter your stance on the issue, at least you can agree that we’re well on our way to permanently avoiding the fin faux pas committed by POTUS last week in San Francisco. [NYT, Related]