Selita Ebanks Has Swapped McDonalds for Lame Model Food

Don't feed the models ... especially that.
Don't feed the models ... especially that. Photo: Selita Ebanks

Exactly one year ago, Grub Street peeked into the eating life of stunning supermodel Selita Ebanks, who copped to a hearty McDonald’s habit, and said provocative (and comment-prone) things like, “I’m so skinny you can see my food digest, so it’s like, I’ll be having nothing until I can take these little panties off.” Today, she tells Grub that she’s older, she basically eats more like … well … a model. “I really love those little 100-calorie popcorn bags. They’re fresh popcorn, and so that way you don’t overindulge, and it’s just this great little moment. And anything that says 100 calories on it, I’m like, ‘Ohh!’” Personally, we wish she’d get back together with the hash-brown, but hey.