Scup’s Gets KO’d, Literally

Pie Photo: KO Catering and Pies

Eater has it that the KO Catering and Pies team plans to take over Scup’s in the Harbor, whose owners were desperately searching for new owners a few months back. KO Pub and Pies will have seating for 70, burgers topped with eggs, and even a close relationship with Harpoon!

All good news, since their current Southie digs are teeny-tiny. Look for “local seafood, sandwiches, and perhaps an Aussie burger topped with beets and a fried egg,” and even weekend brunch at the new Eastie outpost. Beer (Harpoon!) and wine will also be served. The spot will be easily accessible via water taxi.

Would you board a water taxi for meat pies? We totally would.

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Scup’s Gets KO’d, Literally