Rider Confirms Norovirus Outbreak; There’s No Scientific Reason For Women to Like Chocolate More Than Men

• With on-demand videos, Xfinity and UnitedHealth team up to try to prevent or put on hold the onset of type-2 diabetes in those targeted as “at risk.” [CBS Philly]

• Rider University confirms that norovirus is to blame for the gastrointestinal illness that affected 75 students last week. [NBC Philadelphia]

• Despite the slew of chocolate-monikered romance novels and whatnot, there’s no scientific reason for women to like chocolate more than men — chalk it up to marketing. [Slate]

• College-student groups including Ban the Bottle are battling it out with the International Bottled Water Association over the vending of bottles on campus; opposed students claim bottled water is not ecofriendly. [The Salt/NPR]

• Overeating is particularly bad for old folks, since consuming more than 2,100 calories a day is shown to speed up cognitive impairment. Better get Gramps off the cookies. [Fox News]