Hello Handy Nasty: Local Rapper Drops a Sichuan-Singed Ode to Han Chiang

Yeah Boy!
Yeah Boy! Photo: Courtesy Philadining

Critics, bloggers and Yelp-ers alike have all sang the praises of Han Chiang’s face-melting take of traditional Sichuan cookery at the Old City outpost of his burgeoning Han Dynasty empire time and again. Now one fan is taking his love for Chiang’s food and literally putting it into song. His name is Brad Podray, he’s a longtime local musician and today his alter ego Maximalism is dropping some serious Sichuan-singed science with a hip hop number about Han Dynasty. In it he declares the restaurant the “top of the food chain,” and that it’s the place where “weak taste buds go to die.” Funny? Sure. But it’s no match for the dude who raps about the Whole Foods parking lot. [bradpodraymusic]