Cho Cho San Owners Face Deportation for 1991 Tax Fraud

Cho Cho San
Cho Cho SanPhoto: Cho Cho San

Akio and Fukado Kawashima, the husband-and-wife restaurateurs behind The Valley’s Cho Cho San chain and Valencia’s Kisho, are facing deportation nearly fifteen years after they paid $245,000 in fines in restitution after under-reporting taxable income, and even following Mr. Kawashima’s serving four months in prison.

Despite being lawful permanent residents of the U.S. since the eighties, The Supreme Court has determined that The ICE is justified in labeling the couple’s past crime of lying on a tax report hefty enough to warrant an “aggravated felony” charge that would lay the road for the couple’s ouster. Tax lawyer Sanford Miller states that the Supreme Court’s decision “should send a shock wave through the resident alien community.” [LAT]